paposo’s old tutorials added


in the bottom of page, some images is missing.. But better than nothing

saberpeak tutorial saved and published thru our tutorial pages

thx to Kemon who discovered this!

you find it here:

Terrain Blending tutorial – Saberpeak

**Map release** Thud in the sand beta 1

Primary: Steal the Dynamite and deliver it to the Truck.
Primary: Escort the Truck and Destroy City gate.
Primary: Destroy Tunnels Gate to gain access into underground bunkers.
Primary: Use button in Control Cabin to move rockets out of Safe.
Primary: Steal Captains Key from his table and deliver it to the Safe to open it.
Primary: Steal the Case, Moneypack 1 and Moneypack 2, and deliver them to the green truck in Rich part of City.
Secondary: Destroy Hovel Wall to gain one more acess to Dynamite.

Defend, defend, defend, go on a cig, and defend again.
Also feel free to build Truck barrier.

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