Enemy Territory: Legacy Release 2.73 cancelled…

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Release 2.73 cancelled…
…instead get ready for 2.74!

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free and open source multiplayer first-person shooter set during World War II and heavily focused on teamwork. More than a decade after its release, after spending countless hours of escorting tanks and trucks, stealing gold and radar parts and transmitting confidential documents, there comes a project which aims to relaunch and dust off a game which consistently refused to go down.

Public test event
We’ve been working hard to (finally!) provide you with the next release as bug free and enjoyable as possible. However, our last public testing sessions revealed some annoying bugs that we couldn’t find without the involvement of long time contributors and public testers from the community. All of these issues are now fixed, just a few hours ahead of the planned release.

However, in order to ensure the best quality of this long awaited release, we’d like to organize a very last public testing session to avoid any bad surprise at the last minute. Join us on our IRC channel #etlegacy around 19h00 CEST (17h00 UTC) on Sunday, August 16th and ask for joining the test session.
Come join us, have fun and be a part of improving the legacy of our beloved game (and look for possible issues)!

A bit later the following week you can finally anticipate the official ET: Legacy 2.74 release!