Coder wanted for porting MFQ3

I wanted to put down a request for a coder to join our osfpsproject in the intrest of porting MFQ3 (Military Forces Quake 3, see ).

The reason is that our main game engine coder (which did most of the porting of Navy Seals: Covert Operations -see…-operations-et -) doesn’t have time for porting the MFQ3 mod. He also told me that there would be confict issues with Navy Seals: Covert Operations if both were used in a same mod/folder. To avoid such conficts for the game engine coder who might join, I decided the best coarse of action will be to just make a simple port, seperately. Later-on, we can have some navy seals: covert operations features/and own content we made for that mod (i.e. the ET player classes / skills system that will still be made by our present coder, …) used in the MFQ3 mod/folder.

Besides porting the MFQ3 mod, we would also remove the WW1 and WW2 vehicles (keeping only the modern age vehicles).

Anyway, anyone intrested send me a mail (via or )

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