TheWolfTeam is 2 Years today! Hurray!

twt2yearsbannerYes followers, members, Fellow ET lovers. Thewolfteam has turned out as I hoped. We’re an developing comunity where we help, criticizes , pushing each other to get better. And I feel we succed in this. I still wish for more people to join us. I have said it probably a thousand times before but I will again: We are not a clan! We are just a comunity of developers and modders, You can be in any clan, comunity, mod you want and still become a TWT-member andTWT-members gets probably a bit faster help then others from members.

We have had our ups and downs, with change of site and other stuff. We will always try to make it best for you users.

Thewolfteams members are a fantastic bunch who tries to help everyone regardless of knowledge and level of mapping or modding.

So even if you are just started or wondering about starting develop to this amazing game.

Yea because thats what it is, you are truly welcome to join us.

We have created in 2 years 3 mods : Modernfront, Reloaded and Acqu’s wonderful HQ mod.

Sadly is just the HQ mod that is under development atm.

When it comes to maps there is a quite some maps that have been created over these 2 years: paintball arena, teuthonia, siwa teuthonia, the shrine, missing in action,
1944_huertgen_final2_xmas, alps trail and more.. so Things are going on….

But still and most important rule for us: Real life comes first!

But with all this said.. Happy birthday TWT!!