Hello Girls and Boyz!

The 2015 TWT Xmas Mapping Competition has started, gather all your energy and make the best map evva and then release it before 2015/12/22 – 24:00 CET.

This time do we judge 3 things. The visuals, the creativity (the most fantasy) of the objectives & the playability (fps and flow).
Each thing you win will give you 3 points, the second place will be rewarded with 2 points, then 1. The map with most points will be the TWT mastermapper 2015.

1: You must be a twt member
2: prefabs allowed
3: it must be snowing
4: 5 textures must be made by yourself – one of the textures should have the text “TWT” or “TheWolfTeam” written on it.
5: the map must be uploaded before 23rd december 2015.
6: the map must have christmas stuff