Forgotten Gems – Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Forgotten Gems – Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Forgotten Gems – Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

The modern multiplayer experience is often filled with hundreds of ways to customize your weapons and ‘perks’. Players are given instant rewards in the shape of weapon enhancements, kill streaks and various other bits and bobs, but all of these modern day elaborate features fail to compare to the sheer fun offered by simplicity and balance. The old-school simplicity of multiplayer games of yesteryear may be a thing of the past, but it’s a past full of ridiculous amounts of fun.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is simply one of the best multiplayer games ever released. It’s a bold claim, but it’s a claim I make with passion and confidence . The free-to-play epic was released way back in 2003 and instantly became hugely popular. Its playerbase and popularity grew throughout the years thanks to its accessibility and modder-friendly tool set, and clan leagues also aided the game’s growth.

003The main reason as to why the game was so popular was its gameplay. The general fast-paced nature of Enemy Territory resulted in an engaging experience that hooked the player in. The class-based gameplay created an environment in which team work was a necessity and not merely an option. Players were divided into two teams–Allies & Axis–and tasked with either attacking or defending key points on a map.

The fun came from the way each map would make use of every class (medic, engineer, field ops, medic and solider) to ensure the game would be played as a team, rather than a group of individuals. This is where the game shined; the satisfaction of completing an objective as a cohesive unit was immense. Playing as one of the classes would allow players to progress their proficiency in various ways. Class skills would be restricted to a fixed class (obviously), while battle sense skills effected all classes. This was class depth without the need for weapon attachments and perks–simplicity at its best.

004In its heyday, Enemy Territory had servers stacked and full of players. Jumping into any given game for the first time would leave the player breathless. Maps like Siwa Oasis, Seawall Battery and Fuel Dump would play host to some stunning battles. Players would have to rely on the player next to them as well as their own skill. Sitting back and building up a kill streak wasn’t an option; getting stuck in was the only way to victory.

Enemy Territory was a game that rewarded players for playing the objective and not for just racking up kills. Its honesty and simplicity made it one of the most rewarding team-based multiplayer experiences around. Unfortunately, the game has seemingly become something of an unsung hero. It rarely gets a mention when people talk about the top multiplayer games in existence, which is a crying shame. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has, however, earned itself the status of a cult classic–and it’ll always remain as a true showcase of how fun trumps features in multiplayer.


For all the panzer kills, the constant spamming of ‘MEDIC!’ and the team victories, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory…I tip my hat to you.

Sean Halliday