Snipermap UJE Knight Sniper made by [UJE] Niek

There are 2 big castles where snipers can shoot from.
There is a way to cross to the other side but…
The gate to cross will be closed and opened every 2 minutes.

* Alot of funny and scary sounds in it
* Alot of effects made by Sage (Thanks for that)
* Knights falling down
* Monster moving
* And some scary stuff for the crossers

Both sides has alot of castles.

Sniperplaces enough on this map but….
The scene is split by a river ,and every 2 minutes
the gate will open to let players pass to the other side but…..
BEWARE ,the place is filled with traps and a beast is guarding the passage
So this map is a bit for both snipers and crossers.
Here some screenshots how the map looks


UJE Knight Sniper b3 map

UJE Knight Waypoints

Source: UJE Clan