Notice from Thunder of TheWolfteam

As I will be buzzy making new assets for ET:Legacy

like this:


You will have a to wait a bit on all my mapping projects atm. Sorry for this and I would like to say that all my released map sources you are allowed to modify to get it out of beta stage.

Also would like to point out that ALL mappers, novice or pro is welcome to join our cooperation in Thewolfteam We are still NO CLAN, just a comunity of Mappers and modders coming from all over the world with one thing in common, developing or playing Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory

doesnt matter how bad your english is or what clan you are part of. The more people who join us, the more we are able to help each others and the game to survive.

And last I would like to give a big thanx to the developers of ET:Legacy who does this for free. I hope most people do uninstall the old client and install ETL:Client instead.

If you also want to join in on the development, Join the ETL guys on : forum , gitter or IRC

and keep the game alive!!

Also if you like the work, consider to donate a bit to them!!