[map] Capuzzo Airport

Finally – Capuzzo Airport Final!


Capuzzo Airport has seen a lot of things:

-Over 7 Years of life
-10 Semi public ET versions
-200 private ET versions
-Way too many changes
-4 different games
-Many new great friends
-Countless great memories
-Many many take offs with the plane

But finally Me and Pegazus can proudly present The Capuzzo Airport Final version! Thank you to everyone who participated in all these years!


January 1943 – The war in Africa is finally coming to an end. The Allied intelligence has discovered a group of Axis engineers planning a new super plane in Capuzzo Airport. Allies are attempting to break into the airport, steal the blueprints and escape with a Supermarine Seafire.

Most important changes:

-Great gameplay
-Improved FPS
-More players with stability
-Better looks
-Fly away with the plane

Complete list of all the many changes can be found in readme file.


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Full readme:

// Mapname : Capuzzo Airport
// BSPname : capuzzo
// Released: 26.04.2015
// Version : Final version
// Map made by: -SSF-Sage and Pegazus from SM-Mapping
// Contact Sage	  	: ssf.sage at gmail dot com 	 //-SSF-Sage @ splashdamage.com/forums (prefered)
// Contact Pegazus	: Fruity12 at hot dot ee 	// Pegazus   @ splashdamage.com/forums (prefered)
// SM-Mapping site:  http://www.hot.ee/smmapping/

Please contact us for any feedback, suggestions, constructive critisism, bug report etc.



	January 1943 - The war in Africa is finally coming to an end. The Allied intelligence has discovered 
	a group of Axis engineers planning a new super plane in Capuzzo Airport. Allies are attempting to 
	break into the airport, steal the blueprints and escape with a Supermarine Seafire.



		1] Escort the Tank past the Tank Tarrier #1
		2] Escort the Tank past the Tank Tarrier #2
		3] Construct the Command Post after the tank has passed a certain spot to gain a spawnpoint at the command post
		4] Destroy the Command House wall, the enemy aircraft with the tank
		5] Send a message (takes 45 seconds) for the pilot to land in
		6] Steal the blueprints and secure them into the Seafire, which has to be repaired in order to be able to secure

		1] Prevent the Tank from passing the Tank Tarrier #1
		2] Prevent the Tank from passing the Tank Tarrier #2
		3] Construct the Command Post to prevent Allies from spawning in there after they have passed a certain spot
		4] Stop the Allied tank from breaking into the Command House and from destroying the planes in the airport.
		5] Prevent the Allies from sending a signal for their pilot
		6] Prevent the Allies from stealing the blueprints and escaping with them



	FPS boost is based on your height position. Using doublejump or climbing hills might lower your FPS. But even if you do, FPS is still better than before.

	On NQ mod use /g_doublejumpheight 1.15 or less to remain better performance.

	On other mods use /r_showtris 2 and see how high you can doublejump before the house draws what is behind it.


	Use b_moverscale 1 (default value) or otherwise the plane sounds will not work correctly. 
	The tank moves a bit faster than normally, so there is no reason to use higher values anyway.
For german servers:

	According to research we and many others did, the signs on the planes can be shown on german servers.

	This is a fifth beta test version to be tested on given servers. The content of the map may be changed 
	after this version. We can not be held responsible for anything.



	Base for the seafire sounds

	Base for the seafire stopping sounds
Jesters-Ink & Buglord		 	
	Base for the Fw-190 texture

Jester, Robo, Kristorf and FBS  
	Base for the Seafire texture

	Base for the Bf-109 texture


Map testing:

//////Big thanks to testing
///We owe you guys for all the help, testing and feedback!

Members and players from:

 Bunker Community

 EFT Clan

 Slut Clan

 UJE Clan

 Fearless Assassins Community

 Dark Alchemy Community

 {WeB} Clan

Special thanks to:

 o-0._.0-o   from     |>B<|  Community

 Avoc        from     eft//  Clan		

 Shagileo    from     [Slut] Clan

 Niek        from     [UJE]  Clan

 Daredevil   from     =F|A=  Community

 Old-Owl     from     DA     Community

 GANG$TA     from     {WeB}  Clan


	Put the pk3 file into your Etmain folder.


	Delete the pk3 file from your Etmain folder.


In the 3 versions of the FP:

	-Spawning positions are heavily changed and new ones added
	-New spawntimes and roundlimit
	-2 new houses added
	-First 2 caves, the start of the map and the journey between barrier1-barrier2 are shortened
	-A lot of other minor changes to balance, fix bugs and glitches etc.

Beta 1

	-Quite a lot different changes. Can be hard to spot. 
	-For example some parts are scaled 
	-bugs fixed 
	-some new details 
	-smaller gameplay changes
	-vo's added
Beta 2

  -2 megs smaller pk3
  -Added cave spawn for Allies
  -Roundlimit starts with 10 mins and +5 mins at each stage (total 30)
  -Radio transmitting time doubled
  -New spawntimes 
  -Barriers now require +50% chargebar to be constructed
  -Moved the city spawn few meters further away from Barrier1
  -Moved Barrier2 few meters closer to allies
  -Moved CP house few meters closer to Airport
  -Some small changes to improve access
  -Little mountain edit at the map start
  -Radio trigger is easier to press
  -Added some lights
  -Closed down a house at Airport
  -Improved palm clipping 
  -Rocks have 100% accurate clipping
  -Some new details
  -Added little variety on terrain
  -Added a wooden bridge over barrier1 to fight trickplanting

Beta 3

  -Some minor bug fixes
  -More signs for navigation (+moved antenna near radio)
  -Changed objective numbers
  -Roundlimit starts with 15 mins, get 15 min more after barrier2
  -Radio transmitting time is now 45 secs
  -Radio button improved
  -Fixed tank road mine bug
  -Greater roof access
  -Removed a couple doors
  -Greater radio room access

Beta 4

  -Shortened many sound, shader and model names to save few configstrings on networking
  -Ladders on water tanks
  -Inside light and detail pass
  -Tank sound bug fixed
  -Antenna and radio light when transmitting
  -Improved signs

Beta 5

  -Improved FPS in general
  -FPS boosts when staying on ground and behind houses
  -Less vertices for GFX card to draw
  -Less entities for game to load 
  -Little lighter networking by shortening configstrings
  -More players before lagging
  -Fixed Radio button
  -Shortened Allied map start a bit
  -Moved Axis City spawnhouse a bit
  -Barriers chargebar 150%->125%
  -Added details and lights
  -Possibility to fly with the plane to the sky
  -Edited VO's at airport
  -Some Airport houses are edited
  -Closed some houses windows to improve FPS
  -Remade most of the houses (without visual difference)
  -Moved the tank spot that enables building CP 5 meters further
  -Command house doors are regular doors now
  -Axis Default spawn Garage before CP is built
  -Bigger doorways in last Axis Spawn
  -Fixed small bugs
  -Many other small changes

Download from Wolffiles

Download from original link

Omnibot waypoints!

Edited. Thank you for the download link, Wolffiles.de!

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