[map] Siwa_Teuthonia

here a new map called Siwa_Teuthonia

Background of the Teuthonia maps:
Siwa_Teuthonia is directly connected to the already released map Teuthonia and plays right before Teuthonia. The Teuthonia maps are finally supposed to be a trilogy with Siwa_teuthonia being the first map, Teuthonia the second map and the third map will be called Port_Teuthonia. So one big story going over three maps.


On their way to Teuthonia, an allied airplane crashed in the nearby oasis Siwa. The surviving allied soldiers must now make their way into the village of Teuthonia. To do so, the allies need to capture the spawn in the siwa ruins and destroy the siwa wall. In the siwa ruins, the allies need to push a button to lower a fence to make a dropzone accessible. The allies now must make their way to this dropzone. Once an allied player enters the dropzone, allied air support is called and an allied airplane will come and drop an ammunition box by a parachute. Once the ammunition box has landed, the allies must bring this box to a nearby broken artillery gun (which turns on a green light on the gun rotation panel). The gun now has to be repaired, which turns on a second green light on the gun rotation panel, thereby enabling that the artillery gun can be rotated. The axis can destroy the gun, but only as long as it has not been rotated. When the gun rotation control shows two green lights (gun loaded and repaired), the allies can push a button at the gun rotation control panel, which rotates the artillery gun towards the entrance gate of Teuthonia. Once the gun has been rotated, the gun can’t be destroyed anymore and a green light will turn on at the gun fire control panel. The allies now have to fire the gun to destroy the entrance gate of Teuthonia.

– In the Siwa ruins, the allies can repair a waterpump which will free up a tunnel that ends close to the drop zone.

– Allies can create an alternative Spawn by repairing the Allied Commandpost

– in the Siwa ruins the allies can destroy a side entrance to have an alternative route to the drop zone

– every axis player can call air support via an airstrike control panel. Once called, an axis junker88 will fly by and shoot 5 rockets to key way points frequently used by allies. The air support can only be called every 3 minutes, which is indicated by a timer on the control panel and that runs down from 3 minutes after an air strike has been called.

| Objectives:..
| Allies:..
| 1:..Capture the Siwa Spawn
| 2:..Destroy the Siwa Wall
| 3:..Lower the dropzone fence
| 4:..Enter the dropzone to call air support
| 5:..Bring the ammunition box to the artillery gun to load the gun
| 6:..Rotate the artillery gun towards the gate of Teuthonia
| 7:..Fire the artillery gun to destroy the gate of Teuthonia

| Secondary objectives

| – built the waterpump to access the tunnel

| – built the command post to create an alternative Spawn
| – Destroy the axis command post command post

| Axis:..
| 1:..Prevent the Allies from capturing the Siwa Spawn
| 2:..Prevent the Allies from destroying the Siwa wall
| 3:..Prevent the Allies from lowing the dropzone fence
| 4:..Prevent the Allies from from reaching the dropzone and from calling air support
| 5:..Prevent the Allies from loading the artillery gun
| 6:..Prevent the Allies from rotating the artillery gun
| 7:..Prevent the Allies from firing the artillery gun

Secondary objectives
– destroy the waterpump to prevent the allies from using the tunnel

| – call air strikes to prevent the allies from reaching the dropzone

– built the command post
| – Destroy allied command post command post

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