RTCWcoop 1.0.1
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I’m a bit late with the news, but rtcwcoop 1.0.1 is released, it fixes following bugs:

no more crashes when setting pmove_fixed 1
warmup can be disabled again
password protection works now when you create a server through the menu
you are now warned which pk3’s you are missing
now you see the name of the master server in the server menu, instead of ‘internet1′
KP_NUMLOCK can now be used as a key to bind to
some AI related crashes shouldn’t happen anymore


g_sharedlives : bonus life
toggle sv_pure in create server menu
g_usepassword is removed and now only g_needpass works
+vstr like osp


Windows 32 bit (choose this if you have no idea whats 32bit): http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-win-x86.zip
Windows 64 bit: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-win-x64.zip
OS X terminal application: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-mac-term.zip
OS X .app: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-mac-ub.zip
Linux 32 bit: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-linux-x86.zip
Linux 64 bit: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-linux-x86_64.zip

How to install:

Unzip the downloaded file into your rtcw installation. Make sure that the ‘coopmain’ folder from the zip file is at the same level as the ‘main’ folder from your rtcw installation.
In case you only have the rtcw pk3′s but no existing installation, unzip the downloaded file, and move your rtcw pk3′s inside the ‘main’ folder.

Big thanks to MAN-AT-ARMS again and shame on me for posting this news so late

New Rtcw Project Started – Rtcw Legacy!

Hello everyone. I have BIG news: a project has been started for Rtcw called Rtcw Legacy! This project is the equivalent of the Wolf ET project called ET Legacy. With the creation of this new project, coders, mappers, and modders can join together in one place to share assets and work together. As I stated on a previous update here, it’s time for us to move on and bring this amazing game back to life!

If you are a coder, mapper, modder, or just simply want to contribute to the project, then please join the Gitlab website and get started! A new era is arriving for Rtcw, and we must embrace it!

Gitlab link: https://gitlab.com/wolfenstein-legacy/rtcw-legacy

I’ve already joined there, and I encourage everyone that’s interested to do the same.

RTCW and ET Join forces on our forum

Ronboy have joined us and will be main admin of those forums as he knows this game best.
And we welcome both him and RTCW onboard !