Alps trail

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Alps trail

Axis escort map

Made by Thunder

credits to:

– Teuthis for help on terrain shading
– Mateos for help on waypointing questions
– Macchute for help on finding wintertree models
– Kuna for his HUT prefab

well the whole twt crew really with informative feedback.

This is the only version I will release of this map, bugs or no bugs!
BUT, Source of the map will soon be released in our download section and therefore free to modify in any way you like..

Story line:

Axis forces needs to get the truck to the ammo depot and get the ammo onto the truck and further to the base on the other side of the alps.

meanwhile Allied forces has comed by ski to a nearby hut to sabotage the mission at any means.

Have fun and a really merry Christmas!


NB! Updated 25 dec 2015 read the readme file

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