Author Topic: GtkRadiant 1.5 x64 maybe a solution how to work  (Read 387 times)

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GtkRadiant 1.5 x64 maybe a solution how to work
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:24:35 AM »
since i work all time on gtk 1.5 and i like the style and the texture view where you can fix it that all images are smaller in one view etc for this radiant version

and the gtk 1.4 - 1.6 and above have the same style like in radiant the models are red squares outside the models,or the texture view you have to scrool all time for each texture you add ,
and when you are in 1.6 in the layout where you have  the 4 windows xyz view you have to click on every windows when you scrool with your mouse in/out, this is in 1.5 not there you can scrool in every windows without to click on it first

this tread was maybe because i mapped on my finish maps ,this means you are on your first beta map with final stage , and got this safe_malloc failed on allocation bytes right when i compile on final , so there is 3 solution for this and i consider to compile on gtk 1.6 but i drop it because just look the pics i dont edit the brushes this are from map load ,where some brushes look half out , i consider but im not sure who knows ,this comes the half look out brushes are from gtk 1.5 where you can change the gridsize to 0.125 , letz say you open now in gtk 1.6 your map you find this half look out brushes because gtk 1.6 have only gridsize 0.25 , the brushes lookhalf out to fix all in your map you can find them singel by single brush you made where you check every damn corner in your map in gtk 1.6 i mean where you fix , sure this can take hours and later maybe you overseen again some brushes, thatz why i drop it

1.or what i consider is i search the net for safe_malloc failed on allocation some of them solution and i found on how to update your compiler there is written is for gtk 1.4 but i test it with 1.5 and not working

2. you add in gtk 1.5 in the build menu the -lowmem command and take 2 times more time yea but it works  (flamer) (landmine)

3.i have consider to mail the dev team of gtk radiant if they can make a version like 1.5 who have all the same icons - texture view- gridsize maybe ?- same short cutz on keyboard- same xyz windows view where you can scrool in/out without clicking on it

so they copy there current 1.6 source and put all in like 1.5 looks

maybe some of you have discus the same, i dont tell this is only for me because there are alot of people who use still gtk  1.5

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