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Prefab wishlist
« on: November 18, 2016, 10:13:35 PM »
Time to survive some valuabe ideas. What prefabs/events would you like to see in a map? What are we missing? What would be a nice to see?

Please distribute this post in any ET related website to get ideas. I start here to give you some ideas:
- parachute spawn (in place with kind support from UJE Niek)
- teleporter (in place)
- trampoline (in place)
- spawn protection (in place with kind support from thunder)
- events triggered when hit by a bullet (think I have a tutorial on this topic somewhere)
- soldiers flying by heli from place A to B
- random events so that map plays always a bit different (tutorial in place)
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Re: Prefab wishlist
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2016, 12:19:24 PM »
That helicopter idea is more for nam I think, not ww2 because they didn't have many helicopters also the german wehrmacht had problems with their stock of gasoline during the end of ww2 due to that they lost africa and kaukasus.

But the other stuff seems nice.

I was actually thinking of a map where the allies have to run across an airfield with a lots of boxes and cover to reach a couple german heavy bombers, then mount the mg-s of those as "tailgunners" and once all (let's say five) planes have a tailgunner the allies win and the planes fly away. so like that the allies steal german bombers for analysis or just because they want to mess with them, protecting london from the rain of phosfor.  ^-^ that could be the perfect S.A.S. parachute 1337 obbjective for ET. :)

just an idea :)


parachute spawn: YES
teleporter: NOYES - depends on, ni sifi imo, just some occult dimension stuff :)
trampoline: I dunno
spawn protection: YES, but it's good with a natural protection, e.g. the big oak by simonoc could do fine with some wooden clips to block mortars, some height and then some boxes, a truck and some sandbags and it all looks like a ww2 fireteam just stopped annd set up their commandpost there.
events triggered when a bullet hit something, I experimented with that in norwegian battery, so you can snipe the attachment of a rope and a wooden chest could fall down and make a ramp over a plank, but the idea was aborted since the allied could double of the plank in any way, but let's say a crane holds a box with construction materials for an assault ramp, and then the allies have to snipe the cable for the box to fall. then construct their ramp :) - awesome imo. that could really work if you make a harbor ;D. I mean the crane kinda fits and the construction materials are for the ramp up on the boat ;)
Helicopter: NO or YES depending on if it's nam or ww2
random events, YES, but I would restrict it to open different paths or making different routes for a vehicle. also diffent places for flags (objectives to steal and secure). Maybe there's even possible to make different locations of the commandpost? (just remember to put it on the flank).
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Re: Prefab wishlist
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2016, 07:30:34 PM »
I like your creative thinking. Btw, the parachut spawn works also via teleporter so once a player spawns on a teleporter, he gets teleported onto the parachut and slightes down to earth :)

Life is a shitty game but the graphic is awesome

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