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« on: August 04, 2017, 12:09:17 PM »
i consider to make a et legacy reboot map where thunder mean if i can make some for et legacy , and itz mapping what i can , so first i have see the source what are to change hows the map looks , and i change for test some brush , then now i making this map started 22.07

to do list what are done or not

what are done pillars more biger in the inside/outside crane i add from my map syphonfilter better beds from brush, so no old beds model in the map the map was on couple areas one step to go in the other area, so this steps i delete and maked a one hole floor

5.a roof acces at allies second spawn ladders

7.hmm kemon mean a new terrain would look good , so i generate in easygen one ,the terrain is a around terrain gives a realistic look as the old shit terrain

8.i rotare some of the crates to make a realistic look , because most of them was in a line and looks to clean tables

10.Structural mesh i fit brushes where they are not fit to the other brush and looked some grid more out , so and i add culk brushes on the hole map like they do it in goldbrush to close all leaks skybox from avocs hd  :P

what are not done

1.some stuff to add new or change like crates/shelf/barrels lamp models from thunder , and new lights in the hole map

3.maybe a better truck where is a start of the map  , and a new tank, the tank  from dingeskirchen looks good @kemon can you upload the tank and send  (mg42)

4.maybe new trees/bush model ,i add kic trees and maybe my bushes or kic bushes 

maybe thats was with to do list ,screens of the progres are down
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Re: adlernest
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2017, 05:39:04 PM »
The Tiger tank in Dingenskirchen is from ischbinz. The one in Dingenskirchen is slightly modified. You can find that one in the map pk3 and the original on ischbinz' personal site (
But like I said on Discord, I don't know if it is good to replace an Allied tank with an Axis tank. That's quite a difference in the 'storyline'.
If you don't like the Churchill, i think the M4 Sherman could be a nice allied tank. I sent you the links on Discord as well, but there are two different versions on


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