Dingenskirchen Beta 2

—– Custom map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory —–

It is finally done! 3 years after the initial beta 1 release, we are happy to release a substantially re-worked and improved version of ‘Dingenskirchen – a tribute’. If you can’t wait for some visuals, then just go ahead and watch the trailer below. A big thank you to Titeuf for filming the trailer.




This map is a collaboration between phisherman and me and the result of, in total, more than 4 years of more or less continuous development. It was created as a tribute to the good old times of RtCW. We hope it will bring back some memories to the old-schoolers amongst you.
Since this is the second public release, any feedback (ranging from bad texture-alignment to glitches) is welcome.


December 1944: The noose tightens around the Reich’s neck as Allied forces threaten to cross the Siegfried Line and advance into Germany. In a strategy meeting in an Eifel castle, Kraut high command has worked out plans on how to repel the invaders. Allied intelligence wants these plans destroyed before they can be distributed to the front line.

This map has three main objectives instead of one, two of which must be completed by the Allies in order to win the match. This was done in an attempt to prevent the massive objective camping by the defending team on some maps.

—–Beta 2—–

  • The primary subject of the complaints about the first beta were low FPS, which rendered the map virtually unplayable as soon as some action came into play (support fires, explosives etc). Due to the initial openness of the map, which didn’t allow for any vis-blocking, a substantial rework of the basic layout was necessary. As a result, the openness has been ditched in favor of a mountain range in the center. This separates the map into two outer parts, village and river/tram. The third part is the castle, which still rests comfortably on top of everything awing the puny player. It was an intentional design choice to keep the castle visible in both outer parts of the map. This obviously means that on the very top of the castle’s Bergfried you will see the entire map, which will drain your FPS. This has no huge impact on gameplay, as the Bergfried basically just serves as a cinematic lookout and has no purpose regarding the main objective. If you decide to camp on the Bergfried, we can’t help you.
  • Another big issue was the cluttered castle layout, which made people get lost in the corridors and staircases. The castle interior derived from the Singleplayer structure of the first two RtCW levels and thus, did not look as streamlined as the Multiplayer maps we are all used to. The castle layout has since been improved: Staircases have been reduced to a minimum and all doorways have been set to a wider opening size, allowing for quick movement. There is now also proper routing inside the castle, which allows a bit diversity while still creating viable chokepoints. The overall castle has also received a visual remake increasing the nostalgic effect for the RTCW players among you.
  • The rather large pk3 size when comparing the map to other custom ET maps has been reported by many as well. A map is downloaded once in your entire ET career (unless you re-install). Modern internet connections aren’t as shabby as they used to be. Hence, the pk3 size has increased from 50mb in beta 1 to 60mb in beta 2. There will never be a ‘light’ version.
  • We have also received complaints about the Nazi symbolism in the map. The banners have been present in RtCW and leaving them out would (in our opinion) take away some of the original atmosphere. You are playing a World-War 2 shooter game. Denying the fact that the Axis were actual Nazis is denying history. Never deny history, learn from it! Don’t fear symbols, remember what they stand for and never let it happen again!

—–The End?—–

We consider this beta to be the final version of the map. However, you can never know what issues may arise, so we released it as a second beta. Depending on the feedback we receive there might be a third, final version of this map, however it will not receive another total make-over.
The .map source-file is planned to be released with the final version. If this version is the final one, then we will release the source-file in the coming months. However, we first want to wait for the feedback.
If you find script bugs, map glitches or new places for binocs, please report them to us.

—–Comparison Screenshots—–




Mirror #1:Wolffiles
Mirror #2: Dark Alchemy


Author: keMoN & phisherman
Brush count: 24.541 [b1: 15.710]
Entity count (total): 2.680 [b1: 1.607]
Entity count (clean): 557 [b1: 431] (without misc_model, func_group, splines, light, worldspawn)
Compile time: 5 hrs 28 min [b1: ~8-10 hrs]
Development time since last version: 3 years

—–Thanks to—–

Happy new Year from TheWolfTeam and ET:Legacy

Just want to use this oportunity to wish everybody a happy new year, and hope that 2017 will become a great year for developers, modders, mappers and last but not least the players who still hangs with us.

A lot of things have happend this year when it comes to Wolfenstein Enemy-territory and the porting to ETLegacy project.

A lot of bugs and tweaks have been fixed by coders, we got a new texture beta base, mapobjects are replaced to new ones, new weapons are started on and hopefully next year we also get somewhere with playermodels.

therefore I urge every Wolfet player to use ETLegacy instead of old ET.

Also server admins should really go for ETLegacy serverside and discover the use of the new renderer and how much better it looks.

for the new renderer we are replacing shaders and textures so they will support bumpmapping, here are some devshots:

just so you all see there is progress here



Merry Christmas to all!

from all of us in TheWolfTeam to the comunity!

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