RTCWcoop 1.0.1
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I’m a bit late with the news, but rtcwcoop 1.0.1 is released, it fixes following bugs:

no more crashes when setting pmove_fixed 1
warmup can be disabled again
password protection works now when you create a server through the menu
you are now warned which pk3’s you are missing
now you see the name of the master server in the server menu, instead of ‘internet1′
KP_NUMLOCK can now be used as a key to bind to
some AI related crashes shouldn’t happen anymore


g_sharedlives : bonus life
toggle sv_pure in create server menu
g_usepassword is removed and now only g_needpass works
+vstr like osp


Windows 32 bit (choose this if you have no idea whats 32bit): http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-win-x86.zip
Windows 64 bit: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-win-x64.zip
OS X terminal application: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-mac-term.zip
OS X .app: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-mac-ub.zip
Linux 32 bit: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-linux-x86.zip
Linux 64 bit: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-linux-x86_64.zip

How to install:

Unzip the downloaded file into your rtcw installation. Make sure that the ‘coopmain’ folder from the zip file is at the same level as the ‘main’ folder from your rtcw installation.
In case you only have the rtcw pk3′s but no existing installation, unzip the downloaded file, and move your rtcw pk3′s inside the ‘main’ folder.

Big thanks to MAN-AT-ARMS again and shame on me for posting this news so late

TWT goes coop with Wolf:MP too!

Wolf: MP

What is this?
We are a group of developers and artists who want to bring a computer game loved by so many to it’s new and polished shape that it deserves to be after serving us for so many years. In order to bring an eight year old game named Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory to a new life and glory some changes were needed to be made. We here believe that in order to extend the lifespan of the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory we had to move on from the old and outdated engine to a newer and more improved one known as id Tech 4. To be more exact we are talking about the game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The developers of this community plan to make a new mod for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars that is based in World War 2 and resembles Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

That was written almost eight months ago from today and little has changed with the concept of it. Although we were on a small hiatus for the past few months we are now back and hoping to complete what we started. To keep us motivated we hope that this thread gets a lot of activity in order to give us willpower to carry on with the project.

What we ask for?
Your support obviously but if you feel like you want to contribute to the project feel free to scan for these positions with us.

Level Design

3D Modeling
Code writing
Concept Artist

You can find us also here

Video Section