Happy new Year from TheWolfTeam and ET:Legacy

Just want to use this oportunity to wish everybody a happy new year, and hope that 2017 will become a great year for developers, modders, mappers and last but not least the players who still hangs with us.

A lot of things have happend this year when it comes to Wolfenstein Enemy-territory and the porting to ETLegacy project.

A lot of bugs and tweaks have been fixed by coders, we got a new texture beta base, mapobjects are replaced to new ones, new weapons are started on and hopefully next year we also get somewhere with playermodels.

therefore I urge every Wolfet player to use ETLegacy instead of old ET.

Also server admins should really go for ETLegacy serverside and discover the use of the new renderer and how much better it looks.

for the new renderer we are replacing shaders and textures so they will support bumpmapping, here are some devshots:

just so you all see there is progress here



Mappers,Modders and players join in for discussions

If you want to be a part of the creation of the future ET, join us and form the future:


Warmup: ET Legacy 2.75 begins in…

The countdown to ET:Legacy 2.75 has officially begun.

In the meantimes, ensure to read the installation guide and have a look at our FAQ. Feel free to ask us anything in our IRC or Gitter channels.

Curious players will be able to find out what’s new by looking at the changelog. ET:Legacy 2.75 will be released for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.
written by Spyhawk 8 hours ago

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