3 Years celebration!

3 Years celebration!

The Wolfteam turns 3 years 10.11.2016
This is what Thunder, Founder of The Wolfteam had to say about these 3 years:

“TheWolfTeam was created Nov 10, 2013.
As far as I remember Mateos and Acqu was the first to go with me on the idea of a helpful forum
for modders and mappers of the game Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory.
And since then the community has grown and are still growing. Actually it has become bigger than I ever hoped for.
We are atm while I write this, 69 site members.
We have fun helping each other, even if you are’nt the best in english we do our best to help you.
We had a bit of a bumpy start with website attacks and clans that thought we would be a new rival clan that would bring others clans down.
But when slowly people started to understand that we were no clan,
Just a community to bring out new maps and mods for them to play then everything went fine.
Today several clan leaders and members of different parties have joined in and are creating, supporting or commenting on stuff we do.
We always have kept the rules “real life comes first” and “there is nothing you HAVE todo”. We are a free community where everybody can join as
long as they behave.
This year we have joined forces with ET:Legacy, to keep ET fresh and somewhat better looking to perhaps drag some of the old players back and
maybe some new ones.
As long as I see that there is activity and nice people helping each other I will keep this site going.

ET Forever!!

Best Regards

For this anniversary an event will be held on Desperados silEnT server with a few maps also made from TWT community members, saturday 12.11 from 8pm CET.

You can either connect to server via console with: desperados-et.com:29000 or IP
Our Teamspeak is also available for use for every one that want to chat while playing. Teamspeak IP is and password skylight
We look forward to this event to play and just have a great time.
Hope to see you there!

Mappers,Modders and players join in for discussions

If you want to be a part of the creation of the future ET, join us and form the future:


Lightpack added in our downloads

these lamps emits their own light when you compile if you got twt_lights in your shaderlist.txt

twt_lightsenjoy them!



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