Xmas-pack 2016

Xmas-pack 2016

Xmas – Pack – 2016 – all in One

DSK_Baldi made a collection of different packs and files from various mappers and modders.

Package was tested in Noquarter 1.2.9 b6  but maybe it works in other mods as well

Content : Xmas truck + Coca Cola sound, xmas dynamite, xmas mines,
xmas knifes, xmas mortar, xmas pf, xmas sarchel, xmas smoke, Command Post Xmas and some other nice looking mods

Extra content : Screenshots, Extra Sounds As well as a selection of great Xmas maps

Have fun!!!

Download here

Source: Splatterladder

Team Muppets Invites you to xmas rumble :)


We would like to invite all members, friends and guests to join us for our event on the 19th December on our Xmas server.

Server IP

Date Saturday 19th December

Time 19:00GMT (UK time)

Please don’t forget to join us on Teamspeak:

Teamspeak IP –

Merry Christmas!