Getting to know your pak 0


get to know PAK0


Getting to know your pak0.pk3

To start modding or mapping on Wolfenstein
enemy-territory you need to know how pak0.pk3 is built up. All pk3’s you’re
gonna make is based on this.This is because its how the engine reads stuff.

So to find your pak0 file, you gotta find
your installation of wolfenstein enemy-territory on your hard drive. This is
typically in C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory or if you have an
64bit system:C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory.

when you open this folder it will look
something similar to this:


NOTE!Beware that this is an norwegian machine ^^

click the “etmain” folder

you will here find pak0:


To open this archive you need a Archive opener like Winrar or
7-zip, I use winrar.. just google it and you will find it. double-clik on pak0
and choose to open in winrar or 7-zip.

Now we’re into the delicate of process 🙂


ALWAYS remember how the folders are set up in this pak, because
when you’re gonna make one, you need to set it up the same way with the same
name on folders.

But you DO NOT need to include stuff that is allready in pak 0.
just custom stuff..

So first to what these different folders are:

characters- this have the files that decides playermodels used
ingame, inside you find folder temperate and inside temperate you find axis and
allied and finally in these folders you find the

CHAR files.

we will open on just to show:

skin "soldier" //what class this is for

mesh “models/players/temperate/allied/soldier/body.mdm”// where to find mesh
used for body on this class
animationgroup “animations/human_base.anim”
animationscript “animations/scripts/human_base.script”

undressedCorpseModel “models/players/temperate/common/naked.mdm”//where to find
undressed mesh for this class
undressedCorpseSkin “allied_soldier” //where to find skin for undressed mesh

hudhead “models/players/hud/head.md3” // where and wich head mesh to use
hudheadanims “animations/human/heads/base.anim” //head animations
hudheadskin “models/players/hud/” //skin for this mesh

NOTE! I’ve added the //explanations

so… next folder: “fonts” This is used for the fonts used ingame ui and menus.
I dont know much about these or how to modify them sorry


next folder:”gfx”

this folder contains much 2d graphics

they are in different folders:

2d-contains number, different hints icons ingame etc…

colors-contains one file ablack and i dont know what its for

damage- contains the different hit marks when shooting on wood,metal and so on

hud- contains fireteam,rank symbols and some different symbols

limbo-contains the limbo graphics

loading-contains the graphics for the loading screen

misc- contains different texture effects used ingame


Folder: “Icons”

contains different weapon icons ++

Folder: “levelshots”

This contains the maps levelshots..

Normally a yourmap.jpg/tga that shows up on loading screen and a yourmap_cc.tga
that is your comand map

you will find more about this in our mapping tutorial

Folder: “maps” ..yea it contains the bsp file for maps but it also contains the
SCRIPT file for the map and OBJDATA and SERVER RESPONSE FILE and PCX file for
the map

Folder: “menu” contains the menu files, these are the files you see when you
start the game.

Folder: “models” contain ALL models for game in different folders:

ammo-contains the rocket and grenade flars and stuff

foliage- contains originally only the pics of the grass folliage used on radar.
The models can be obtained on our download or wolfiles

furniture- contains a barrel and chair model

gibs – Not sure about this one but as it contains models my guess its for
showing hits

mapobjects- contains all MAP models used in maps

multiplayer – contains all SHARED weapons, this means both teams use them just
with different skins

players – here you find the player models, head, helmet, cap and so on

powerups – contains the binoc and I belive some unused stuff left from RTCW

shards – contains models and textures for things getting blowed up and needs
fragments flying..

weaphits – contains again different hit gfx for bullets hitting water,wood and
so on

weapons2 – contains most of the weapons models that are team made.. aka the mp40
and thompson and so on


Next folder in pak0 is


it contains all SHADER files and ARENA files (needed for a map to be found)
shaderlist.txt where all shaders in use are listed (this is where you add more

and it has CAMPAIGN files inside.

next folder: “sound”

self explaining really

sprites- contains a whole lot I havent really looked at, but I know the “need a
medic” icon flashing over you ingame is there +++

text- contains another folder that conatins credits for this amazing game

thx a lot Id,SD and activision