curved pathway

non-textured side faces (good)

he idea was to make a curved pathway so CSG Subtract was used using a brush similar to the caulk 1 I recreated. I have also retextured for ease of viewing.

I suspect he altered the top brush but it is a good enough example of the evils of subtract.


  1. The brushwork is cut on a gridsize of 1.
  2. The cuts are not optimal.
  3. If the side faces are textured you get overdraw & z-fighting.

Shows the side faces textured. As that expanded view shows the texture extends behind other brushes. Go look at the Pro version of the lost world map and you will see the z-fighting this can cause (curved wall by sRA)

If you want to use brushwok to make a path like this then building it yourself is better. Like this:

non-textured side faces (good)

Brushwork is on a bigger grid & has no overdraw.

However the best way to build curves is normaly with patches. It is what they are for after all.

patch curve (best)

Hope that all helps!