how to select all brushes with one texture

In particular when the map project gets bigger and bigger, you
sometimes might reach the point where you need to find every
single brush that contains a specific texture. An example would be
that when looking at the textures you currently use in the map
there is a blue texture saying ‘shader not found’. So the question
is now how can we find and delete all brushes in the map that have
this texture so that we can replace it?
So let’s get started:
To find all brushes that carry a specific Textures
a.) make a brush and give this brush the texture we are looking for
b) Select one side, with the texture in question. (Shift + Ctrl + left-mouse
c) Press Shift + A (to select all brushes with that specific texture).
d) Press I (to invert).
e) Press H (to hide).
Now you only see those few brushes with that specific texture that you
were looking for.
f) Further, at this stage you can repeat step a & b, if you want. This will
highlight all these brushes, which is great if they are very small and
spread out over the entire map and thus hard too see otherwise.
I use this technique when I want to select and show a certan type of
brush, for example all the origin brushes or similar.