Install gtk radiant 1.6

So you wanna learn how to map?
well first thing you need to achieve is the GTK RADIANT, you can get the latest version here at ICULLUS

download and save it to a place you know where is.

also if you are on windows you have to download and install Visual c++ redisributable that you find under the GTK link.

after you installed vcred you can find your gtk and open it in a zip program of your choice. make yourself a folder somewhere on your machine and call “mapping” or something.
Ektract it there.

Now you need to install wolfenstein also in same folder, never use your gaming ET for mapping as it will only cause problems for you.

So with a new fresh install of wolf alongside the gtk, go into the folder and find Installs folder.
go into ETpack and rightclick and mark the 2 folders in that folder and copy it over to wolfenstein.

Now its time to go into gtk folder and fire up gtk for very first time.go into the gtk folder and find the program “radiant”

———————————————————————————————————————1st time you get up this screen:
1press the button under Game directory and find your mapping Wolfenstein ET, then press ok.

it will disapear for a while and then come back:3hook the auto load selected game on startup and press ok, and Radiant fires up!!! 😀

Now lets do a little check that you got it working

at the upper menu choose: textures and see that default textures shows up in the list like it does here:


if it does, you are ready to start mapping, or else you will need to do the procedyre again to get it right.



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