Setting up you GTK radiant

this tutorial is just aimed to make you understand that you can set up things in radiant so things works other ways and well I think it works better.

I asume you have followed the first tutorial how to install GTK Radiant before this one and allready have it installed.

So lets start Radiant and start up this tutorial:

After you have started radiant, I suggest you do this:

Go on the menu line and choose view, in the bottom you see a “hook” at cubic clipping, disable it and you will at all time see the whole map as you work with it. (Not recomended on low end pc’s)


And now lets start on GTK’s preferences:

To find where to alter them, go on menuline EDIT/PREFERENCES


Now there pops up a new window as this:


now we’ll start going thru the “lines” on the left:

Game setting, click this to see:


As you see this is ok, leave it like it is. you may if you wish LOG the console for debugging on things, but it will slow down GTK a bit.


2d Display rendering:

Set your choices as you wish, here is mine:


Next up is the 3d view: I always have left this as it is:


next is Texture settings, and this is really your choice how you want it, I leave it standard but you might consider startup shaders common or all for easy use:


next on Interfaces: Layout

this is where you choose how your workspace windows should be, I prefer them std and only drop the :use win32 dialog as it is marked with (hacky) so this is disabled at mine


Next is mouse setting where I also leave settings default, but for left hand users or people with other mouse can change things here:


Now we are at Editing, and here I almost urge you to tick on “clipper tool use caulk”, though its not totally bulletproof and doesnt always do this, I have dropped a ticket on this over at development team so hopefully they will fix this issue later, but tick it!!


Now on other

Startup/auto save, I leave it as it is but you might wanna tick of load last map on open, then it loads the map you’re working on automaticly every time you start GTK.


next is paths, this I dont know anything about and skip it

for brush, make sure the use caulk for new brushes are ticked.


MISC, leave it as it is


now on BSP monitioring you want to tick start engine after compilation, then you instant can test your map in devmap mode

bsp monit

THATS IT!, press ok and GTK IS READY TO GO!!