Tardis clear screenshots

A small cfg to help

put in your cfg file
bind KEY exec screenshot.cfg

save as screenshot.cfg and put inside your etmain folder

set clear "toggle cg_draw2d; toggle cg_drawgun; cg_drawfps 0; cg_drawcrosshair 5; set clearshotoggle vstr shot"

set shot "screenshotjpeg; toggle cg_draw2d; toggle cg_drawgun; cg_drawfps 1; cg_drawcrosshair 1; set clearshotoggle vstr clear"

set clearshotoggle "vstr clear"

bind ] "vstr clearshotoggle"

when in game exec your cfg press your KEY then press “]” it will toggle all the display that we don’t want to see and take the screenshot this is also handy for making levelshots

I know a lot of people turn off there sky and rain / atmosphere’s off to save FPS when gaming but its is always nicer to see the map shots in full