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RTCW: Upcoming Events



Upcoming onedaycup events!

Here is a list of all the upcoming dates for RTCW onedaycup events. More info soon for these seperate events.

3 February - 6v6 draftcup
17 February - 6v6 own teams
3 March - TBA
14 April - TBA
5 May - TBA

RTCW During the week

For people who wish to play RTCW (again): every evening there are mostly mixed 3v3 up to 6v6 being played. We arrange our games on the RTCW EU Discord Channel.

Feel free to join if you are interested in playing, need help with your RTCW installation and so on :-).



To please more people in the future, i've made a small form to see people's opinions and preferences.
Please fill it in if you will participate in the future in these RTCW events HERE


Regarding the 3v3 cup of last sunday

For those interested in the VODs of last sunday's cup:

Sabo (Split in each match seperately): Twitch

MerlinatoR: Twitch

Useful Links:


Source: Crossfire


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