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  2. well it was just made in 10 min in blender.. I didnt think of a game at all when I made it.. But when you say it I've probably seen something alike it at some point
  3. Itβ€˜s actually fun thinking this through. Here some more thoughts: - the covert ops might install a spy device in the enemies command post that then allows the engineer to switch this command post to be henceforth of the enemies team, so creating a new spawn or something. - the engineer can create everywhere in game an empty ammunition / health depot that then can be filled by the field ops and medic. Ammunition/medic doesnβ€˜t disappear after being dropped unless picked up. - engineer can construct a portable device that shields the teammates from gunfire - engineer constructs a drone that can be used by the field ops to destroy specific targets
  4. I agree. Having this feature in Wolf ET would make a great game even better. 😎
  5. Here a few thoughts on what could be done. - the field ops could call air support that via parachut drops a device (shield) that the engi could use to protect himself from gunfire while constructing - engi constructs a telegraph that enables the covert ops to hear the enemies chat commands - the covert ops can via laser mark enemy soldiers that are then tagged by the field ops to receive airstrikes. So the airstrike moves with the tagged person
  6. I would add something related to that skill 1 can make skill 2 better etc. For example, if the engineer constructs a specific telegraph or something, then this makes the field ops capable to Call greater airstrike and enables the covert ops to hear the enemies in game voice commands (maybe even read them). So long story short, the team members are capable to increase the skills of the teammates. This is a great feature totally missing in ET.
  7. While my Castle Wewelsburg mod for Rtcw SP is temporarily stopped, I have something much smaller planned! Please take the time to read this article: https://www.moddb.com/members/ronboy/blogs/2019-castle-wewelsburg-update-still-alive-but-on-hold
  8. Our project is halted, might get back to it later but I need a break from ww2 and do something else.and I have a stopper when it comes to dedicated server and animation doesnt show to other player regarding control rotation, This is regarding when you move mouse up and down, then player should bend. It does so in fp view, but not in 3rd view.. so.... until I figure this out... other projects :) Cheers, Thunder
  9. @Ronboy thank you for the kind words, we will keep pushing forward. @Thunder I really doubt that there's a big skill difference in UE4 between us. I just know what I'm going for, the path is going to be long and rocky, but eventually we'll be there. You are welcome to join us. πŸ™‚
  10. Thunder

    Wip Docs

    not yet textured
  11. The guys Nothing 2 Great has released another update video from their progress with the game. Check it out
  12. Ronboy

    Forest Hut

    Remarkable work, @WuTangH. πŸ‘
  13. Nice to see someone here from the ET2 project. I saw that teaser video a while back ago, and I must say that it looks amazing. Modern GFX with the same gameplay style would be what many Wolf ET players have been wanting for years. πŸ˜€
  14. Thunder


    grass seems a bit bad..
  15. sounds like a good idea, you are gonna need manpower. Else you will just be burnt out and getting nowhere. If I werent such a noob on ue4 I would probably join in :)
  16. Really like the tutorials from the developers of ultraball game. And thank you for sharing the source. Wouldn't just copy paste anyway, I want to understand the blueprint as well. The progress can be seen over Instagram and Youtube, but a quick recap: -Movement + animations (run, sprint, crouch, prone) -Weaponslots 2,3,4 with animations, particles and sounds for them (shoot, reload, etc) -Medpacks working -Ammopacks working -Supply map and models (static mesh) -Two different Character models for each team -weapons(luger, mp40, thompson) - need to be animated(bolt moving back and forth, magasize change, brass shells etc) We're most likely to team up with another project that has quake movement replicated and also dedicated/lan server hosting
  17. Thunder

    Forest Hut

    check mail and see if you can upload to that folder in dropbox that I share
  18. Thunder

    Forest Hut

    hmmm I wonder If I can make a folder on dropbox and share with you....
  19. that would be an idea @Teuthis, but I as always took the lazy way out... change of texture .... πŸ™‚
  20. anyways, do you have a repo? just to see what you have and not have done?
  21. you may look into our source as much as you want, copy blueprints as much as you want, beware one thing tho atm team classes only work with dedicated server. wich is fine by us since we're making a multiplayer. I found the idea here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/community/community-content-tools-and-tutorials/113346-team-select-in-blue-prints-for-multiplayer but that was just for the teams, and for me it wasnt fully useable. I wanted to have spawn blobs for mappers so they can relate from earlier ET mapping. Also I still need to make constructable template and destructable.. destructable I guess wont be that hard in blueprints.. maybe not the other either.. but atm lack of time is the biggest problem. our source is to be find here @Swick https://github.com/thewolfteam/TWT_Territory
  22. WuTangH

    Forest Hut

    Yea.. I will prepare an export then
  23. Thunder

    Forest Hut

    no, I dont think so, cant remember any hut atleast, made in blender?
  24. Sorry, this song is in Swedish, but good nevertheless.
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