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Mods for RtCW

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  1. Ronboy's RtCW Mod (Revised)

    Model/Sound/Texture Pack for Rtcw SP
    Since I have no plans for a new Rtcw SP addon, I decided to give a nice present to those who have supported me and my projects. In this mod, you will find a generous amount of custom content that can be used in most Rtcw releases by other authors. Please check the readme file for more information. Thank you to all who support me and my works! *****README***** File Name: Ronboy's Rtcw Mod (Revised) Version: Final (Revised) Author: Mike Smith (Ronboy) Instructions: The installation of this mod is easy. Simply place the pk3 file into your Rtcw Main folder. To uninstall the mod, simply delete the pk3 file. If you want to delete or modify certain assets from the pk3 file, simply use a program such as Pakscape, Winzip, 7zip, or other programs that will open pk3 files. *****FEATURES***** ~ Custom sounds for weapons, footsteps, and other sounds ~ Some new crosshairs and icons (for best results with the crosshairs, change the "Crosshair Size" to "Large" and move the "Crosshair Alpha" slider all the way to the right. Both of these options can be found in the Rtcw main menu by going to "Game Options", then clicking on "View".) ~ Custom blood textures ~ New knife model ~ New model for the medium health pack (25 Med Health) ~ New texture for the mauser's scope and the binocular NOTE: In order to get all of the above features to work, you must follow the installation instructions carefully! Credits: CZR for the custom blood textures, Titeuf-85 for the colored icons, Semwolf for some custom sounds and the binocular/mauser scope textures, Splash Damage for the ET assets, Anders Basymowski for the mauser firing sounds, Aidendemon for the content from Castle Gothicstein, and anyone that I might have missed. Tools used: Winamp for sound conversions. Build time: A few weeks. Known bugs: Some sounds (mainly the weapon firing/reload sounds) will not play, but this bug is rare. The cause is most likely the game's engine being unable to play the high quality sounds at all times. Testers: None. NOTE: If you have another sound mod installed (like the Simple Weapons Mod by Semwolf), then most of the sounds in this mod will NOT work. The same applies to any addons that have custom weapon sounds (like my recent releases Horrors of Hell and Project Uran). NOTE #2: If you have the previous version of Ronboy's Rtcw Mod, then you will have to replace it with this version. Emails: mikebwolf@yahoo.com OR mikebwolf@hotmail.com Website: http://mikebwolf.wix.com/ronboyproductions My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkEcLZ3SDUALJfycs... Please email me if you have any questions or comments.


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