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    A quick look of how a converted source map will look ported into unreal engine. some textures from wolf et and some textures from the starter files in the UE4 The wolf et maps can be a bit challenging to port due to how the terrain displacments are worked out The valve source displacments are easier to port over. That is what i have found when porting to the ue4 The cod maps can be done but the failures rate is way to high to even consider them. Thanks for looking.
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    Nice one @Ronboy Have to try it when I get home.
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    Post anything about Ronboy Productions here. As promised, here’s my Christmas present to the Rtcw community! Be sure to check the readme.txt file (included in the download) for installation instructions. Mod DB link: https://www.moddb.com/games/return-to-castle-wolfenstein/addons/ronboys-rtcw-sp-mod-2018 Gamebanana link: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/8079 Merry Christmas everyone and have fun!
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    Merry x mas. Good to see the website online again :)
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    I know there have been discussion about what engine to use, but I think we should go with unreal AS it has most tutorials for both game itself and for leveldesign. I will first try on a 1stperson "edit" to see if I actually can get in a player for us. I just finnished up a coop on a 3rd person game, but third person is actually easier, atleast when its a singleplayer thingy. I'll give you updates in these forums as I go
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    free resources: https://www.deviantart.com/yughues/gallery/56486308/Free
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    1st of all you need unreal engine wich is free software https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/feed you need to make yourself an account there to get it, but no worries this will not kill you in our forums there is a lot of tutorials allready and there will probably come more. when you open your unreal engine, you will also find a tab with "Marketplace", this is also a place where you will find FREE resources. For our project I would like ideally to have our own content over time instead of others. But as this is ridiculous lot of work, we probably have to use also free content. Just be sure that stuff is free for real. We can NOT use: Personal lisence or stuff derived from other games without propper lisense. We can use those lisences wich allowes all. M.I.T public domain Royalty Free License - All Extended Uses like this as an example: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-rock-tree-3d-model/1105265 an example of whats NOT ok: https://free3d.com/3d-model/smoke-grenade-optimized-416569.html because even its free it is PERSONAL LISENCE, wich says only you can use it and not share it.. Please do also keep links, names of authors or something wich can show where the model came from. We will make a file for this in source for credits. Next you need an Github Account, and FORK our repo. Our repo you will find here: https://github.com/thewolfteam/TwtTerritory When you have done changes you think we need, do a pull request. Only Thewolfteam can push directly to repo.. If you feel you can help us out in any way, please do! What we wanna create is: FREE game A ww2 themed Objective game the game also must be team based, most likely with characters close to ET's , such as soldier, medic and so on. further on I think driveable veichles would be cool, but nothing I in first place will use time to implement Any more questions, ask them on this thread
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    I will make a how to start topic for you
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    Hmmm, when I tested the UE editor, the actual level design seemed much easier in the UE editor compared to radiant, where you have to place, cut and texture each block. This seemed much easier in the UE editor....
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    We are shooting bullets!, look to the right of crosshair and you see it
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    that is actually cool @Subbie , so it is possible to do the "raw" level in radiant then?
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    Hi Peeps I have found 80.level great source of learning http://80.lv/ An Ocean Simulation project for Unreal Engine 4. get from github https://github.com/UE4-OceanProject/OceanProject and Instructions on how to add your own projects https://github.com/UE4-OceanProject/OceanProject/wiki/How-to-add-to-your-project Texture Scaling Coordinates Expressions ActorPositionWS texture scaling and vector outputs https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/Rendering/Materials/ExpressionReference/Coordinates I also like to use this program for normals Occlusion Edge Height roughness Ect http://www.boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/getkey.php I also like to use this one when i need it done in a hurry and its basic and quick https://github.com/Theverat/NormalmapGenerator/releases Go here for Free assets some of the projects are old but the resources that they have can be exported in your own projects just check the read me for there any restrictions and license. just by acknowledging their work in yours is enough http://www.uassetsstore.com/ Hope these help you out just let me know if you need anything else i will help out when i can.
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    actually fixed it thru git shell git push -ff works as a charm
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    ok, got "landmine" working, playing a sound when you step on it, and when you walk further.. Bang!
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    added a health bar and a armor bar, not sure atm with the last one tho, maybe use it for helmet or something... we'll see
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