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    Good idea with backing up your Wolf ET stuff. I personally backup everything that is important to me, including all of my Rtcw stuff (both mapping and works by others in the community). 😎
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    Isn‘t medic best distributed in a solid box rather than in a sack? The German army gets potatos in such a sack but certainly not the life saving medic 🙂
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    bah, this feels like SD ET forums all over again, you cant really get help to anything. So I dropped out of the 2 I was in. gonna figure out stuff myself..
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    It is so true, and its all what TWT is about
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    Not enough folks in the discord or selfish folks that don‘t wanna share their knowledge. The latter I hate most. I experienced this many times myself that I tried to help wherever possible and then the same folks who I helped don‘t share their knowledge but throw out maps proofing that they actually have the knowledge and could have helped. Drives me nuts....
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    As you mention this, mine died too some weeks back. Luckily i had all ET stuff stored on an external drive.
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    While my Castle Wewelsburg mod for Rtcw SP is temporarily stopped, I have something much smaller planned! Please take the time to read this article: https://www.moddb.com/members/ronboy/blogs/2019-castle-wewelsburg-update-still-alive-but-on-hold
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    still missing some details... but getting there..
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