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    https://krita.org/en/ has versions for all operating systems and it's completely free
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    We are still in need of props to levels, if you stumble across anything we can use or can donate a model to us we are more than happy 🙂 even such etuff as crates and barrels are cool. So if anyone got anyting, show it to us and lets decide
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    This is actually pretty hard to make 🙂 I am way better to make guns and machines...
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    Welcome to TWT @Swick nice that you registered.
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    oh, nothing planned just yet, still misses a lot And I dont wanna rush it. but maybe a closed test in august or something 🙂
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    Just a small update, a little work done. As you see in last picture, I've dropped the wall to blow up inside a house. Is this a bad idea?
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    yey me too
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    @Thunder mentioned to me on Discord that it's a completely new map, but it's inspired by Siwa Oasis. EDIT: Hey, it magically is allowing me to post in this topic again! 🤔
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    Any more historical info about this map?
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    Just out of curiosity, are you remapping siwa oasis, so same terrain and objectives, just with slight changes or is this a complete new (but similar landscape) with new objectives etc? If the same terrain and objectives, then why not starting off with the available map file?
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    Yeah those models are rocking B)
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    Nice tent and tree models! 😎
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    made some of final spawn(allied_camp) for their archeology research for the artifact also as you see made a tent model wich I am gonna share in our downloads soon. @WuTangH was so nice and made me these palms wich atleast are round in the trunk 🙂 thx mate! started on some work on the temple part, inside .. but not gonna show more 😄 And last the axis starting spawn started.. but not much happened yet tho.. now I need to make some more models before I continue..
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