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    uploading some sign textures I made long time ago
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    Yep, I started uploading my wolf stuff, and this time its important if someone wants to have these models... download them.. Because now I've started a seriously clean up of my hdd, getting rid of old stuff. But I thought it was ok to share my stuff one last time..
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    Made for reloaded I think, post it here if anyone needs it for a mod...
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    ok, closer to something this time I just need to figure out how to make each team have 5 characters
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    Ok, so after I got stuck I decided to start all over again, will do updates on this thread
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    hopefully yes I will when I got some time to spare upload the ones from our repo too
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    Very nice thunder, its these things that keep et going, maybe someone comes along and makes some new maps
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    thx @Ronboy , will come more during this day
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    Your models are great, @Thunder. I may use some of them in my Castle Wewelsburg project.
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    well.. we got to basic players but still need to adjust textures and stuff
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    This level has taken about 2 hours all the textures are from ET so finding others to replace the ET one`s will take longer. if any one has a level they would like converted over to use in the project just say
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    Welcome subbie! The ue4 magician hehe
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    @Subbie has decided to join our humble comunity, so welcome!
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    made a new base US player A bit more saggy guy, made the clothes myself instead of trying to fix the makehuman clothes to my needs
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    sorry guys, I have problems with my computer running too hot I will need some weeks to get out a lot of shit, upload models and stuff to our repos and such, I will reinstall my pc fresh and then I will start again. My current status on project is that it just freze without any warnings or errors, so I guess I will anyways start over.. But that teamselect is a great place to start from. It saves a lot of work. ofcourse I again need to redo the solution until we got what we want but this is actually minor.. just takes some time.. thats all Will return in a month with some news I hope
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