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    not much more info atm, just that its gonna be axis attack map..
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    made some of final spawn(allied_camp) for their archeology research for the artifact also as you see made a tent model wich I am gonna share in our downloads soon. @WuTangH was so nice and made me these palms wich atleast are round in the trunk thx mate! started on some work on the temple part, inside .. but not gonna show more And last the axis starting spawn started.. but not much happened yet tho.. now I need to make some more models before I continue..
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    Nice blending
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    Nice tent and tree models!
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    Nice! @Thunder keep those images coming.
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    yea well, it is happening in siwa oasis wich are an real place in egypt
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    Nice, @Thunder. It actually reminds me of "MLB Temple", judging by the screenshots that you've posted by far.
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