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    I just donated my entire mapping sources to Wolffiles. These files contain everything I ever assembled on ET mapping. Even all unpublished work is included there, so are a dozen of self-made unpublished tutorials on scripting etc. Some folks might find parts of it useful. There are also some neat unpublished prefabs in there, like a parachut spawn, teleporter, maps that use random effects, everything I ever worked on. https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=5075
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    This is a free and ok program to edit images and textures. also support .tga https://www.dotpdn.com/files/paint.net.4.1.5.install.zip also recomend these plugins: Boltbaits pack Madjik Dpy's pack and for dds images: https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-ddsfiletype-plus/releases/download/v1.9.4/DDSFileTypePlus.zip paintshop files: https://forums.getpaint.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=8470 enjoy!
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    Hey guys, I hope this was a good idea tho I am not to sure, since most stuff happends on Discord these days. well let it roll and we'll see Cheers!
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    Welcome onboard the Blog Team @lasermoon!
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    Nice, @Teuthis. Hopefully some mappers will find your release to be useful.
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    well my laptop works again, after going through the adventure of installing arch and becoming a linux chad, will try to install blender and see if I get lucky with that as well
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    Looking good so far. Great job
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    Just a little fast update so people dont think this idea is dead Still working to get several stuff working
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    uploading some sign textures I made long time ago
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    I know there have been discussion about what engine to use, but I think we should go with unreal AS it has most tutorials for both game itself and for leveldesign. I will first try on a 1stperson "edit" to see if I actually can get in a player for us. I just finnished up a coop on a 3rd person game, but third person is actually easier, atleast when its a singleplayer thingy. I'll give you updates in these forums as I go
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    Yep, I started uploading my wolf stuff, and this time its important if someone wants to have these models... download them.. Because now I've started a seriously clean up of my hdd, getting rid of old stuff. But I thought it was ok to share my stuff one last time..
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    Made for reloaded I think, post it here if anyone needs it for a mod...
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    Yup, looks something like this
  18. 2 points only stock maps, just for relaxing and fun!
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    Timothy has released an new version of WolfAdmin. Quoating here the release post of Timothy: wolfadmin-1.2.0.zip
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    A quick look of how a converted source map will look ported into unreal engine. some textures from wolf et and some textures from the starter files in the UE4 The wolf et maps can be a bit challenging to port due to how the terrain displacments are worked out The valve source displacments are easier to port over. That is what i have found when porting to the ue4 The cod maps can be done but the failures rate is way to high to even consider them. Thanks for looking.
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    Nice one @Ronboy Have to try it when I get home.
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    Post anything about Ronboy Productions here. As promised, here’s my Christmas present to the Rtcw community! Be sure to check the readme.txt file (included in the download) for installation instructions. Mod DB link: https://www.moddb.com/games/return-to-castle-wolfenstein/addons/ronboys-rtcw-sp-mod-2018 Gamebanana link: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/8079 Merry Christmas everyone and have fun!
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    Merry x mas. Good to see the website online again :)
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    Well I hope so, at least we can kind of use it as a wall to post stuff on, here it doesn't get spammed away in the same way Discord is way faster for discussions tho as it happens in real time
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    https://shadermap.com/home/ the free version is not for comercial use!
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    yea I've used it for years I actually find GIMP to advanced for my brain
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    Nice, @Thunder. I personally use this program to view or edit images.
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    Will have a little break, as the ET Map Competiton has started I will atleast do the rough map before I continue :)
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    What about voice chats? I always thought this feature made ET really awesome.
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    ok, closer to something this time I just need to figure out how to make each team have 5 characters
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    What I#ve seen so far is absolutely fabulous!!!
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    Version 1.2.0


    After over two years of development, it is finally time to release a new version of WolfAdmin. As always, you can find the new version on the website. This version can be marked as the largest update to WolfAdmin so far. From now on, you can completely replace the shrubbot administration system with WolfAdmin using standalone mode. Say goodbye to limited amount of levels, admins, mutes and bans, and give a warm welcome to SQL-based databases to store your players and their permissions. Most of the features that mods like NoQuarter and ETPub provide should have been ported to WolfAdmin. This includes the commands, but also chat logging and private messaging. Furthermore, the directory structure has been reworked to ease updates and to make sure that all operating systems can run WolfAdmin. In addition to this, the well-known .cfg files have been replaced by .toml files to ease configuration. Finally, I am very proud to announce that WolfAdmin is now shipped by default with ET: Legacy. This means that anyone who uses the Legacy mod (and any future mods derived from it) will automatically benefit from WolfAdmin. This is a huge step in promoting WolfAdmin for new server administrators and I would like to give them a warm welcome. In case you encounter a bug or want to share anything else that might be interesting, please use the official bug tracker. Besides that you can also monitor the continuous development in the GitHub repository.
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    that is an awesome place @Subbie, nice find
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    Hi Peeps I have found 80.level great source of learning http://80.lv/ An Ocean Simulation project for Unreal Engine 4. get from github https://github.com/UE4-OceanProject/OceanProject and Instructions on how to add your own projects https://github.com/UE4-OceanProject/OceanProject/wiki/How-to-add-to-your-project Texture Scaling Coordinates Expressions ActorPositionWS texture scaling and vector outputs https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/Rendering/Materials/ExpressionReference/Coordinates I also like to use this program for normals Occlusion Edge Height roughness Ect http://www.boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/getkey.php I also like to use this one when i need it done in a hurry and its basic and quick https://github.com/Theverat/NormalmapGenerator/releases Go here for Free assets some of the projects are old but the resources that they have can be exported in your own projects just check the read me for there any restrictions and license. just by acknowledging their work in yours is enough http://www.uassetsstore.com/ Hope these help you out just let me know if you need anything else i will help out when i can.
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    actually fixed it thru git shell git push -ff works as a charm
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    nice new site so dont forget to give me a site banner for Ets https://enemyterritory-stuff.net/ have all a great xmass with family and good luck for the mappers
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    Welcome, @Ets|kate!
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    1.The Idea is to keep our beloved game alive. You can become a member of The Wolfteam just by playing the game, there is no must to be a mapper, modder or anything.Just the special love for the game. 2. You can as a mapper or coder, co-op with other members on projects but this is not either a must. 3. And everybody has of course reallife as first priority. 4. You don't lock yourself to doing projects with others if you don't want to, this will be up to anybody for themselves to decide. 5. But being a member of our crew you may: -keep things "secret" as we have private forums only for the Wolfteam. Every member is bound to the rule: what happens in twt forums stays in twt forums as long as nothing else are said. - A wolfteam member can also upload their maps,mods and so on to the site for sharing. - They may also decide if download should be public or just to the team. - Being a part of planning how our public servers should be set up, with mods,maps etc.. of course regular site members will also be allowed to post suggestions. - Team members will also be granted admin status on our servers. (This will apply only if and when we have a active online server)
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