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    Hey guys, I hope this was a good idea tho I am not to sure, since most stuff happends on Discord these days. well let it roll and we'll see Cheers!
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    I know there have been discussion about what engine to use, but I think we should go with unreal AS it has most tutorials for both game itself and for leveldesign. I will first try on a 1stperson "edit" to see if I actually can get in a player for us. I just finnished up a coop on a 3rd person game, but third person is actually easier, atleast when its a singleplayer thingy. I'll give you updates in these forums as I go
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    Post anything about Ronboy Productions here. As promised, here’s my Christmas present to the Rtcw community! Be sure to check the readme.txt file (included in the download) for installation instructions. Mod DB link: https://www.moddb.com/games/return-to-castle-wolfenstein/addons/ronboys-rtcw-sp-mod-2018 Gamebanana link: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/8079 Merry Christmas everyone and have fun!
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    Merry x mas. Good to see the website online again :)
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    Well I hope so, at least we can kind of use it as a wall to post stuff on, here it doesn't get spammed away in the same way Discord is way faster for discussions tho as it happens in real time
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    actually fixed it thru git shell git push -ff works as a charm
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    ok, got "landmine" working, playing a sound when you step on it, and when you walk further.. Bang!
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    added a health bar and a armor bar, not sure atm with the last one tho, maybe use it for helmet or something... we'll see
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    nice new site so dont forget to give me a site banner for Ets https://enemyterritory-stuff.net/ have all a great xmass with family and good luck for the mappers
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    1.The Idea is to keep our beloved game alive. You can become a member of The Wolfteam just by playing the game, there is no must to be a mapper, modder or anything.Just the special love for the game. 2. You can as a mapper or coder, co-op with other members on projects but this is not either a must. 3. And everybody has of course reallife as first priority. 4. You don't lock yourself to doing projects with others if you don't want to, this will be up to anybody for themselves to decide. 5. But being a member of our crew you may: -keep things "secret" as we have private forums only for the Wolfteam. Every member is bound to the rule: what happens in twt forums stays in twt forums as long as nothing else are said. - A wolfteam member can also upload their maps,mods and so on to the site for sharing. - They may also decide if download should be public or just to the team. - Being a part of planning how our public servers should be set up, with mods,maps etc.. of course regular site members will also be allowed to post suggestions. - Team members will also be granted admin status on our servers. (This will apply only if and when we have a active online server)
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    I agree. It's not just this forum, but I've noticed that other forums too have seen a sharp decline in activity, perhaps because people are migrating to Discord. I personally don't mind using either though.
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    Version 1.0.0


    up in the Alps an Allied strike force have comed by ski to make sure Axis forces dont get their supplies thru to their other base
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