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    I just donated my entire mapping sources to Wolffiles. These files contain everything I ever assembled on ET mapping. Even all unpublished work is included there, so are a dozen of self-made unpublished tutorials on scripting etc. Some folks might find parts of it useful. There are also some neat unpublished prefabs in there, like a parachut spawn, teleporter, maps that use random effects, everything I ever worked on. https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=5075
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    Hi, and thank you for really warm welcome. To sum it up shortly, I understand the aim of your project. And I think we can help each other. As I saw from your posts you guys do have done some BP work, and are looking to improve the quality level design wise. Since the class select haven't been made in ET2 yet, that would be a thing which would interest us. There are plenty of materials over the internet to do it, but if you guys are willing to help on that part, we are very thankful for it. Also if you see something that you like in our project. Let me know and I can also share some knowledge how we got some of the great models you can see in our game. I will join your discord channel soon, and there we can have a little more in depth talk. Your answer was totally okay and I approached you guys with no expectations. Regards
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    This is a free and ok program to edit images and textures. also support .tga https://www.dotpdn.com/files/paint.net.4.1.5.install.zip also recomend these plugins: Boltbaits pack Madjik Dpy's pack and for dds images: https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-ddsfiletype-plus/releases/download/v1.9.4/DDSFileTypePlus.zip paintshop files: https://forums.getpaint.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=8470 enjoy!
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    Hey guys, I hope this was a good idea tho I am not to sure, since most stuff happends on Discord these days. well let it roll and we'll see Cheers!
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    After quite a while of rambling from a certain admin, I've thrown together a Game Design Plan you can find it here and please use this thread if it is anything you want to add here or have anything to discuss refering to this: https://github.com/thewolfteam/TWT_Territory/wiki/Game-Design-Plan
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    While my Castle Wewelsburg mod for Rtcw SP is temporarily stopped, I have something much smaller planned! Please take the time to read this article: https://www.moddb.com/members/ronboy/blogs/2019-castle-wewelsburg-update-still-alive-but-on-hold
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    Post anything about Ronboy Productions here. As promised, here’s my Christmas present to the Rtcw community! Be sure to check the readme.txt file (included in the download) for installation instructions. Mod DB link: https://www.moddb.com/games/return-to-castle-wolfenstein/addons/ronboys-rtcw-sp-mod-2018 Gamebanana link: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/8079 Merry Christmas everyone and have fun!
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    @Ronboy thank you for the kind words, we will keep pushing forward. @Thunder I really doubt that there's a big skill difference in UE4 between us. I just know what I'm going for, the path is going to be long and rocky, but eventually we'll be there. You are welcome to join us. πŸ™‚
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    Prepared this some months ago with Kemons texturepack.. Did I aleady send it to you @Thunder ?
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    Really like the tutorials from the developers of ultraball game. And thank you for sharing the source. Wouldn't just copy paste anyway, I want to understand the blueprint as well. The progress can be seen over Instagram and Youtube, but a quick recap: -Movement + animations (run, sprint, crouch, prone) -Weaponslots 2,3,4 with animations, particles and sounds for them (shoot, reload, etc) -Medpacks working -Ammopacks working -Supply map and models (static mesh) -Two different Character models for each team -weapons(luger, mp40, thompson) - need to be animated(bolt moving back and forth, magasize change, brass shells etc) We're most likely to team up with another project that has quake movement replicated and also dedicated/lan server hosting
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    This is actually pretty hard to make πŸ™‚ I am way better to make guns and machines...
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    hey, @Swick, first of all welcome to Our humble comunity. And to answear your question, Yes I have taken a look at your project ET2. Wich indeed looks promising. And just so it should be clearified: We are not competiton to your project. We are not planning an ET2. Our project will have some of the stuff you find in ET but also other stuff you wont find in ET. And its merely a hobby freetime project. Of course if there is anything special you need.Something spesific maybe I or @WuTangH Is able to help you. mostly with models that is tho. Our project is purely BP for the moment.Havent done any sniffing on code yet. But we do have 2 teams, 5 spesific just like ET classes. but still there is work todo. I need to make those classes more spesific than just the same model and a name like medic or soldier.. but from time to time I am doing changes and getting there. Getting 100% involved in your ET2 isnt anything for me, I need to honest. I the kinda guy who makes 3 ET maps, help a little on etlegacy, doing some models, and some ue4 stuff at the same time so... not really me. I cant speak for other TWT members or admins and they are free to join in to help you if they like. hope this is an ok answear, even tho it was probably not what you were hoping for.
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    Hi guys, have you taken a look on the ET2 project? We have the whole crossfire.nu community behind us which means hundreds of people. We also have a growing team, and we are just short of the developers. What you guys think, maybe we can help each others out? πŸ™‚
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    Thank you guys for the warm welcome. I did take a look in your UE4 topic and saw there were a couple of guys doing pretty promising work. I would be happy to chat with those folks and maybe we can work together on ET2. Do you guys have a discord channel or smth? πŸ™‚
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    ..posting final results
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    Welcome @Swick! There are plenty of resources here for both players and mappers, so don't hesitate to take a look around. πŸ˜‰
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    We are still in need of props to levels, if you stumble across anything we can use or can donate a model to us we are more than happy πŸ™‚ even such etuff as crates and barrels are cool. So if anyone got anyting, show it to us and lets decide
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    still missing some details... but getting there..
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    https://krita.org/en/ has versions for all operating systems and it's completely free
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    Helloooo @lasermoon! 😎
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    Welcome onboard the Blog Team @lasermoon! 😜
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    Nice, @Teuthis. Hopefully some mappers will find your release to be useful. πŸ˜€
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    well my laptop works again, after going through the adventure of installing arch and becoming a linux chad, will try to install blender and see if I get lucky with that as well 🀣
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    Looking good so far. Great job
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    Just a little fast update so people dont think this idea is dead πŸ˜› Still working to get several stuff working
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    uploading some sign textures I made long time ago
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    I know there have been discussion about what engine to use, but I think we should go with unreal AS it has most tutorials for both game itself and for leveldesign. I will first try on a 1stperson "edit" to see if I actually can get in a player for us. I just finnished up a coop on a 3rd person game, but third person is actually easier, atleast when its a singleplayer thingy. I'll give you updates in these forums as I go
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    Yep, I started uploading my wolf stuff, and this time its important if someone wants to have these models... download them.. Because now I've started a seriously clean up of my hdd, getting rid of old stuff. But I thought it was ok to share my stuff one last time..
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    Made for reloaded I think, post it here if anyone needs it for a mod...
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    Yup, looks something like this πŸ™ƒ
  36. 2 points only stock maps, just for relaxing and fun!
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    Timothy has released an new version of WolfAdmin. Quoating here the release post of Timothy: wolfadmin-1.2.0.zip
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    A quick look of how a converted source map will look ported into unreal engine. some textures from wolf et and some textures from the starter files in the UE4 The wolf et maps can be a bit challenging to port due to how the terrain displacments are worked out The valve source displacments are easier to port over. That is what i have found when porting to the ue4 The cod maps can be done but the failures rate is way to high to even consider them. Thanks for looking.
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    Nice one @Ronboy Have to try it when I get home.
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    Merry x mas. Good to see the website online again :)
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    Merry Christmas/X-mas everyone! πŸ€—
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    Well I hope so, at least we can kind of use it as a wall to post stuff on, here it doesn't get spammed away in the same way Discord is way faster for discussions tho as it happens in real time
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    anyways, do you have a repo? just to see what you have and not have done?
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    Guys, Ill make some hand drawn art for the game, just tell me what we need, and will give it a shot Thinking menu items, gui, rank symbols etc. (Paintings on walls?)
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