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Gert has released a new update video on the progress of ET2.

There is also an voting for the name of this game on Crossfire. So, head over there and suggest or vote for a name for this game project. 
They also still need more helping hands with this project, so if you have any experience with UnrealEngine 4, send an email to gert@nothing2great.com
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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player revealed!
Last night, William from 85 Productions, revealed their upcoming project: Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory Single Player!

Reveal trailer below 🤗


You can read more here about this project: https://www.moddb.com/mods/et

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ET 2 in development
These guys have started to do a remake of W:ET in UnrealEngine 4. They are looking for more people to help them out with the game.

If YOU have some experience with the U4 engine, you can contact them at this email: gert@nothing2great.com

Their social links you can find further down in this post.

Here is their announcement trailer they released 1 month ago:


This clip they released last night:



Rebirth of Enemy Territory ET2 social links:



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TWT Community Server
We have now added more maps to the TWT community server.

The server has Vietnam mod and some of the maps are made by TWT community members and participants of the Trackbase Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory mapping contets of 2018.

Server IP is: and no password needed.

Join the server and test out the maps with Vietnam mod.😎


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Trackbase W:ET Mapping Contest
Hello Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory Community

Here´s a trailer from last years contestants of the Trackbase Mapping contest. You might see some familiar names and maps there.😉
Visit Trackbase website and subscribe to participate, starting 1st of March 2019 <br style="background-color:#fafafa;color:#333333;font-size:large;text-align:center;">TrackBase Contest

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