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  1. Ray


    Nice! @Thunder keep those images coming.
  2. until
    Our second Map Contest 2.0 is now live on TrackBase. Are you a map developer or interested in creating new ET Maps? Then that's perfect for you. Sign up right now and make sure to submit the best map. Any questions left? Check the FAQ! There are even really cool prizes waiting for you
  3. Welcome onboard the Blog Team @lasermoon!
  4. If any one is intrested to join our blogteam to write some news/blogs about Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory, ET:Legacy and RtCW, please contact me for further information. All help are appriciated.
  5. Happy Birthday😎

    1. WuTangH


      thanks man 🙂

  6. Hello Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory Community Here´s a trailer from last years contestants of the Trackbase Mapping contest. You might see some familiar names and maps there. Visit Trackbase website and subscribe to participate, starting 1st of March 2019 TrackBase Contest
  7. We need more 3d modellers, Blueprint makers, 2d gfx and so on. If you feel you can contribute to anything, let us know! Cheers!
  8. Ray


    I also think this game need voice chats. Gives the game "that extra". Then we need voice actors to do the voices, or we make them our selves. @Teuthis But it´s all up to @Thunder
  9. Moobabe posted a topic on Splashdamage forums about how to play Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory in 2019. Quite intresting to read with hints and info of some W:ET communities, downloads, configs etc. Check out Moobabe´s post on Splashdamage HERE.
  10. Ray

    The ETernity LAN event

  11. Ray

    The ETernity LAN

    The date and location have now been set on for the ETernity LAN event. EVENT DETAILS: Where? TaKeTV Venue in Krefeld When? From Friday, May 17th 09:00 CEST to Sunday, May 19th 20:00 CEST What? 6on6 & 3on3 Tournament Who? Tournament staff: Ekto, Sebhes, stRay More info about the event on Crossfire website
  12. Yes, let me know later on @Thunder
  13. This sounds like a good start. +1 for female as macchute said, if possible.
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