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  1. Macchute

    The "Master plan" , the begining...

    Guys, Ill make some hand drawn art for the game, just tell me what we need, and will give it a shot Thinking menu items, gui, rank symbols etc. (Paintings on walls?)
  2. Macchute

    Music Videos

    This is headbang material
  3. Macchute

    hello Guys

    Hello and welcome Kate
  4. Macchute

    The "Master plan" , the begining...

    Generally speaking guns and characters are made last in a game because they age the fastest. Now im not sure what kind of game you are making but it doesnt look like any type of ww2 allied I know of. Dont wanna hit you down but that could serve as a placeholder, as for the actual model I would go for something more historical
  5. Macchute

    Hello folks!

    Well I hope so, at least we can kind of use it as a wall to post stuff on, here it doesn't get spammed away in the same way Discord is way faster for discussions tho as it happens in real time

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