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  1. Macchute


    https://krita.org/en/ has versions for all operating systems and it's completely free
  2. Macchute

    Wolfenstein 3D VR

    It looks so wierd with sprites in vr, haha love it 😎
  3. Macchute


    yeah, you basically need like 5 years of experience of photoshop before you are ready to use gimp, it's actually quite handy once you know the way around, kinda like blender but blender is 40 times easier lmao
  4. btw just as a tip but if you are making bushes/vegetation, use random colours of the normalmap for all the different leaves, this will make it seem much more natural when dynamic light is shining on it
  5. Macchute


    just what I was going to say, you know there is that program... it's called gimp... 😅
  6. well my laptop works again, after going through the adventure of installing arch and becoming a linux chad, will try to install blender and see if I get lucky with that as well 🤣
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJt7KRmv2bQ
  8. Very nice thunder, its these things that keep et going, maybe someone comes along and makes some new maps
  9. Looking nice, looks like the guns are a bit on the smaller side and they lean backwards too much, check any yt video where people shoot some weapon and you'll see (check if left or right feet should be forward btw). The gaiters seems to be too short or missing on the allied? Also the allied jacket is way too shiny, you'll need to lower that setting a lot, axis should be lowered as well but not as much, also increase brightness and decrease the colour intensity on the allied Trench coat would help to see which team you should pew pew but that require some work, however I know UE4 support some form of hanging fabric tho. edit: this guy know how to shoot properly Kind of cool if we could use a hip fire animation too where the hip fire makes you less accurate but allows for slightly faster movement. I mean proper shooting stances look pretty weird in games where you full on run
  10. Sounds interesting to convert maps hehe 🙂 How about: Castle Blackwood? 😊
  11. I think the head and helmet should be separated models so you can choose the face for your profile and then change the helmets and other attributes depending on class/rank/faction 4 classes?, Support/medic, engineer/objective, sniper/recon and soldier/demolition I think airstrikes are a bit mehh and not really needed, the soldiers can have an anti tank grenade and the recoon/sniper could call artillery Maybe have a loadout option for sniper class so they get scoped rifle or smg + binoculars, if a recon then uses the binoculars he/she can call artillery. The problem with the field ops in et is that airstrikes are just used for heavy spawnkilling and thats the only perk of that class, and if you give away ammo you wont be able to use the airstrike so idk, i think the soldiers should use a improved demolition grenade, the recons can call artillery and ammo should be dropped by all enemies and teammates that dies. Would be awesome if there was lets say 2 female faces to choose from as well if we can make a total of 6-7 heads with different hairstyles ages etc.
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