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  1. 21 hours ago, Teuthis said:

    I would add something related to that skill 1 can make skill 2 better etc. For example, if the engineer constructs a specific telegraph or something, then this makes the field ops capable to   Call greater airstrike and enables the covert ops to hear the enemies in game voice commands (maybe even read them). So long story short, the team members are capable to increase the skills of the teammates. This is a great feature totally missing in ET.


    I agree. Having this feature in Wolf ET would make a great game even better. 😎

  2. 7 hours ago, Macchute said:

    Well I hope so, at least we can kind of use it as a wall to post stuff on, here it doesn't get spammed away in the same way

    Discord is way faster for discussions tho as it happens in real time

    I agree. It's not just this forum, but I've noticed that other forums too have seen a sharp decline in activity, perhaps because people are migrating to Discord. I personally don't mind using either though. 🙂

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