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  1. Thunder

    The "Master plan" , the begining...

    made a new base US player A bit more saggy guy, made the clothes myself instead of trying to fix the makehuman clothes to my needs
  2. Needs to be modified a bit but its an idea
  3. Thunder

    The "Master plan" , the begining...

    so... made a lot of refs in the blueprints section, will go over widgets thru the week.. and then I think I have to start all over with a fresh project so it wont be a mess
  4. Thunder

    characters folder

    think this in construction graph is showing that you are carrying the "flag", in this case a sphere
  5. Thunder

    characters folder

    timeline graph for grenade I guess
  6. Thunder

    characters folder

    aiming not sure we're gonna use this either...like better the other way showed by virtus... and some other stuff:
  7. Thunder

    characters folder

    fire grenade maybe, just maybe we can use this for garand and karabine with nade launchers
  8. Thunder

    characters folder

    count damage and reset player on death of damage

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