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  1. This is actually pretty hard to make πŸ™‚ I am way better to make guns and machines...
  2. still missing some details... but getting there..
  3. started on a somewhat WWII B-24 B-17 Homelite Auxiliary Generator Model HRU-28 It wont be a 100% accurate, but pretty close. will see if I cant make it into different 3d types so we can use it in ET, UE and so on
  4. Thunder


    oh, nothing planned just yet, still misses a lot And I dont wanna rush it. but maybe a closed test in august or something πŸ™‚
  5. found the answear here I belive: http://www.simonoc.com/pages/articles/phongshading1.htm
  6. Thunder


    Isnt this for more "art" stuff? @Macchute
  7. Ok guys, I made myself a well, like this: But as you see it isnt smoot, how do I fix that? so it is smoother atleast....
  8. Thunder


    Just a small update, a little work done. As you see in last picture, I've dropped the wall to blow up inside a house. Is this a bad idea?
  9. happy birthday

  10. Thanks manΒ :party0030:

  11. Thunder


    yey me too
  12. Thunder


    made some of final spawn(allied_camp) for their archeology research for the artifact also as you see made a tent model wich I am gonna share in our downloads soon. @WuTangH was so nice and made me these palms wich atleast are round in the trunk πŸ™‚ thx mate! started on some work on the temple part, inside .. but not gonna show more πŸ˜„ And last the axis starting spawn started.. but not much happened yet tho.. now I need to make some more models before I continue..
  13. Thunder


    yea well, it is happening in siwa oasis wich are an real place in egypt
  14. good point mate never thought of that
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