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  1. well it was just made in 10 min in blender.. I didnt think of a game at all when I made it.. But when you say it I've probably seen something alike it at some point
  2. Our project is halted, might get back to it later but I need a break from ww2 and do something else.and I have a stopper when it comes to dedicated server and animation doesnt show to other player regarding control rotation, This is regarding when you move mouse up and down, then player should bend. It does so in fp view, but not in 3rd view.. so.... until I figure this out... other projects :) Cheers, Thunder
  3. Thunder

    Wip Docs

    not yet textured
  4. Thunder


    grass seems a bit bad..
  5. sounds like a good idea, you are gonna need manpower. Else you will just be burnt out and getting nowhere. If I werent such a noob on ue4 I would probably join in :)
  6. Thunder

    Forest Hut

    check mail and see if you can upload to that folder in dropbox that I share
  7. Thunder

    Forest Hut

    hmmm I wonder If I can make a folder on dropbox and share with you....
  8. that would be an idea @Teuthis, but I as always took the lazy way out... change of texture .... 🙂
  9. anyways, do you have a repo? just to see what you have and not have done?
  10. you may look into our source as much as you want, copy blueprints as much as you want, beware one thing tho atm team classes only work with dedicated server. wich is fine by us since we're making a multiplayer. I found the idea here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/community/community-content-tools-and-tutorials/113346-team-select-in-blue-prints-for-multiplayer but that was just for the teams, and for me it wasnt fully useable. I wanted to have spawn blobs for mappers so they can relate from earlier ET mapping. Also I still need to make constructable template and destructable.. destructable I guess wont be that hard in blueprints.. maybe not the other either.. but atm lack of time is the biggest problem. our source is to be find here @Swick https://github.com/thewolfteam/TWT_Territory
  11. Thunder

    Forest Hut

    no, I dont think so, cant remember any hut atleast, made in blender?
  12. you know, if you getting better and better we have to start over again on models when project is done @WuTangH 😂🤣
  13. hey, @Swick, first of all welcome to Our humble comunity. And to answear your question, Yes I have taken a look at your project ET2. Wich indeed looks promising. And just so it should be clearified: We are not competiton to your project. We are not planning an ET2. Our project will have some of the stuff you find in ET but also other stuff you wont find in ET. And its merely a hobby freetime project. Of course if there is anything special you need.Something spesific maybe I or @WuTangH Is able to help you. mostly with models that is tho. Our project is purely BP for the moment.Havent done any sniffing on code yet. But we do have 2 teams, 5 spesific just like ET classes. but still there is work todo. I need to make those classes more spesific than just the same model and a name like medic or soldier.. but from time to time I am doing changes and getting there. Getting 100% involved in your ET2 isnt anything for me, I need to honest. I the kinda guy who makes 3 ET maps, help a little on etlegacy, doing some models, and some ue4 stuff at the same time so... not really me. I cant speak for other TWT members or admins and they are free to join in to help you if they like. hope this is an ok answear, even tho it was probably not what you were hoping for.
  14. After quite a while of rambling from a certain admin, I've thrown together a Game Design Plan you can find it here and please use this thread if it is anything you want to add here or have anything to discuss refering to this: https://github.com/thewolfteam/TWT_Territory/wiki/Game-Design-Plan
  15. We are still in need of props to levels, if you stumble across anything we can use or can donate a model to us we are more than happy 🙂 even such etuff as crates and barrels are cool. So if anyone got anyting, show it to us and lets decide
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