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  1. It‘s actually fun thinking this through. Here some more thoughts: - the covert ops might install a spy device in the enemies command post that then allows the engineer to switch this command post to be henceforth of the enemies team, so creating a new spawn or something. - the engineer can create everywhere in game an empty ammunition / health depot that then can be filled by the field ops and medic. Ammunition/medic doesn‘t disappear after being dropped unless picked up. - engineer can construct a portable device that shields the teammates from gunfire - engineer constructs a drone that can be used by the field ops to destroy specific targets
  2. Here a few thoughts on what could be done. - the field ops could call air support that via parachut drops a device (shield) that the engi could use to protect himself from gunfire while constructing - engi constructs a telegraph that enables the covert ops to hear the enemies chat commands - the covert ops can via laser mark enemy soldiers that are then tagged by the field ops to receive airstrikes. So the airstrike moves with the tagged person
  3. I would add something related to that skill 1 can make skill 2 better etc. For example, if the engineer constructs a specific telegraph or something, then this makes the field ops capable to Call greater airstrike and enables the covert ops to hear the enemies in game voice commands (maybe even read them). So long story short, the team members are capable to increase the skills of the teammates. This is a great feature totally missing in ET.
  4. If you are not happy with the result I would make the well a bit rocky with edges on purpose (rather than a cylinder). Cylinders usually don’t carry rock textures, no? This then looks natural like a real well made into a rocky ground.
  5. I just wanted to suggest the same thing 🙂 phong shading it is. It will smoothen your cylinder but since you have a lot of edges in your cylinder it might not smoothen the thinggy 100%
  6. I just donated my entire mapping sources to Wolffiles. These files contain everything I ever assembled on ET mapping. Even all unpublished work is included there, so are a dozen of self-made unpublished tutorials on scripting etc. Some folks might find parts of it useful. There are also some neat unpublished prefabs in there, like a parachut spawn, teleporter, maps that use random effects, everything I ever worked on. https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=5075
  7. Teuthis


    I truly wish but > 6 month working 24/7 and >70hrs/week just brought me a stress-induced gastritis and full scoring for being under high risk for burn out. I just promised my family that if this doesn't change this year, then I'll switch my job and leave science to henceforth exclusively teach at the university.
  8. Teuthis


    Looking good so far. Great job
  9. Teuthis


    What about voice chats? I always thought this feature made ET really awesome.
  10. Teuthis


    @Thunder🙂 busted !! I would let each team also differ in the way they act and hold the weapon. This way it's easier to distinguish the teams (even under bad light conditions) and is based on a combination of multiple things, not just the colors of their uniforms.
  11. Also, not only skins help to distinguish the characters and team but also the gesture and way characters move. If each character is unique in certain movements etc, then this helps to clearly distinguish the characters
  12. I also would think on what you can implement character wise that brings ET to the next level, and I mean not graphic and engine wise. What character and skills can we benefit from that donˋt exist in ET? Maybe think on scenarios where it's not simply infantery soldiers that are battling each other. What about scenarios for air force, marines, special forces, SWAT. Each scenario might have it's own set of characters. Quite challanging but certainly appealing...
  13. I urge to make the teams easy to distinguish. Like light brown skins for allies and dark grey for axis. Nothing is more disturbing than accidental team kills 🙂 but the characters look appealing so far 🙂
  14. What I#ve seen so far is absolutely fabulous!!!
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