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  1. Teuthis

    The "Master plan" , the begining...

    What I#ve seen so far is absolutely fabulous!!!
  2. Teuthis

    Thompson "tommygun"

    Love it
  3. Teuthis

    Converted Level

    Hmmm, when I tested the UE editor, the actual level design seemed much easier in the UE editor compared to radiant, where you have to place, cut and texture each block. This seemed much easier in the UE editor....
  4. Teuthis

    Converted Level

    Nice. Great work
  5. Teuthis

    The "Master plan" , the begining...

    This looks stunning. I played around with the Unreal editor and actually like it. But the scripting part is a real uphill battle for me...
  6. Merry x mas. Good to see the website online again :)

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