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  1. WuTangH

    Forest Hut

    Yea.. I will prepare an export then
  2. Prepared this some months ago with Kemons texturepack.. Did I aleady send it to you @Thunder ?
  3. ..posting final results
  4. Happy Birthday😎

    1. WuTangH


      thanks man 🙂

  5. WuTangH

    Mp40 model

    Yup, looks something like this 🙃
  6. This addon I use a lot, since making one UV map for more objects isnt very handy in Blender... adjusting one by one. With this plugin you can edit all (selected) objects on one UV map as it would be all one mesh. See link for more info: https://github.com/ndee85/Multi-Object-UV-Editing
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