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How to Setup Github on ue4
Ok, I dont say this is the best method or anything but for total beginners I belive this is the easiest one.
And this is for windows users, havent got a clue for Linux

First of all you need an github account, so go to Github
[/url]Make yourself an account.

Then you download couple of things:

[url=]Github for Windows

install this and login with github account name and password.

Next you download and install:

Github Desktop for Windows

with all this setup, we can finally get things going,
Now you need to decide if you gonna push stuff directly onto master or if all collaborators should fork the master and make pull request.

if you want the master away, copy your master to another location.

in both cases you will need next step:

Open github desktop and file-> create new repo

Find your repo and choose that folder

be sure to get your settings right and DO choose the correct Git Ignore file, find the UNREAL one.
you dont want everything in your repo like saved and such.

when repo is created you can publish to github thru your user or your group

so in unreal:


and ofc choose:


open your internet browser and find you repo on github, copy the url:

ET Forever!
Unreal begins!
(have to go to next post because of attacment)

Paste this url in:


be sure to tick the box of LFS:


then Git Initialize and and accept

and your repo should work
ET Forever!
Unreal begins!
here is also how to use ue and github desktop:

when you want to commit something in repo, first in your ue editor go to source control and


be sure to make a commit text


and then submit

now, the problem is that unreal doesnt push, so you will have to open github desktop and do the push from here.
the commit will allready be there and you can push to your repo and you are up to date
ET Forever!
Unreal begins!
hope this will be to help to people Wink
ET Forever!
Unreal begins!

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